The Broke and Bookish are taking a break until August with their lists so I thought I would peruse their previous lists and do some of those until then! Mainly because I ran out of time to come up with my own thing this week! So this week is books I’d want with me if I was stuck on a deserted island. Now I would be incredibly cheeky and clever with this so I could have more than 10.

1. The Complete Works of Jane Austen

I told you I would be cheeky! I have actually really wanted this collection for a while now. It has seven novels in one big book including one of my favourites, Pride and Prejudice. I haven’t actually read any other Jane Austen novel so stuck on a deserted island would definitely give me time to finally low through them.

2. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Being sly here again. I have read a few but not all of his work so it would be great opportunity to be able to read them all. There are 37 different pieces in this one book. It includes everything from comedies to tragedies and sonnets. I would come back to the real world a professional at speaking ye old English!

3. The Holy Bible

For some this may came up as a surprise but I am Roman Catholic and I think I would need all of God’s help if I was abandoned on a deserted island. While I love nothing but to sit around reading a good book, I still need human interaction, so I wouldn’t be my best self. A chance to focus on my spiritual side would be good and it would be the perfect opportunity to read all 1000 pages.

4. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – J.R.R. Tolkien

We all know these books are fairly big on their own, so if I was sneaky and took the trilogy in one big book, I could immerse myself into the fantasy realm of Tolkien quite easily for hours on end. Surely I wouldn’t get bored reliving one of my all time favourites again and again.

5. Harry Potter Box Set – J.K. Rowling

Here I would cheat a little. I can’t leave without my precious box set because you can’t take just one book. How can you choose just one book? I mean I can (Prisoner of Azkaban) but it just isn’t the same.

6. The Complete Sherlock Holmes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

This one is a little less strategic. While it is still a fairly big book having all in one, I would just love reading Sherlock. The way he solves cases is amazing and the books would keep me well and truly entertained of hours on end.

7. The Complete Works of Charles Dickens

I would cheat here too. You can’t really get the complete works in one book as there are too many so I would get the box set of something like 30 volumes. Or maybe I would download the kindle edition and make sure that I can sneak a solar charger with the books.

8. Labyrinth – Kate Mosse

I have been meaning to re-read this book for ages now but its just a bit too big for me. Deserted island reading is the perfect scenario for a re-read. I remember it being an incredibly interesting read.

9. Gone With the Wind – Margaret Mitchell

Another big book that I haven’t had the opportunity to read yet. I would probably read this one first and let the book take me to a different time and place. Since the island is deserted I could be all dramatic and act out the scenes just for fun.

10. War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy

I am in the middle of read Anna Karenina now and have already read some of his other works. I actually quite enjoy the Russian author and I think War and Peace with its 1000 plus pages would be perfect for the deserted island.

Now Ross said he agreed with my idea of taking the biggest books I could think of but not for the same reason. He would use the paper as fuel for the fire he would need to create. I think this is sacrilege naturally and cannot believe that I picked him sometimes.

I want to know what one book would you take with you to a deserted island?

Cai xx