I have been intending to write this for weeks and somehow my days never seem to have enough day in them to get anything completed at the moment. I meant to write this one for Mother’s Day and cover the most memorable mothers in literature. Memorable doesn’t always mean the best. Memorable can also mean some of the worst. These are the mothers that stuck out most in my mind.

1. Marilla Cuthbert – Anne of Green Gables

Marilla for me is the best mother in literature! She is stern and has a way of doing things.  But manages to soften enough after adopting Anne. She teaches Anne right from wrong, is a constant support and encourages Anne to strive hard to be the best she can be.

2. Mrs. Bennett – Pride & Prejudice

I cannot stand Mrs. Bennett but she is unforgettable. All she really cares about is furthering herself by marrying her daughters up. She has no regard for how they feel and what they want and constantly manipulates her daughters. She is a narcissist. When she doesn’t get her own way she is whiney and annoying.

3. Lily Potter – Harry Potter Series

Lily Potter did what any mother would do. She sacrificed herself to save her child, but in her situation, her love ended up protecting her son. The thought of what she did for her son, kept Harry going throughout the books. I imagine that she would have been such a brilliant mother if she had lived.

4. Molly Weasley – Harry Potter Series

Molly is one hell of a mother. She has so many children and still finds it in her heart to care for others like they are her own. She is selfless, kind and giving. She is stern and not to be messed with but incredibly loving. She is what a mother should be!

5. Petunia Dursley – Harry Potter Series

Well I cannot have the other two without this one can I? She is pretty memorable. She spoils Dudley and treats Harry like he is vermin. She gets her just desserts I believe. Especially since magic tends to frighten her so much. Sometimes I think she deserves a good kick where it hurts.

6. Mrs. Frisby – The Rats of NIMH

I read this book as a part of my English class in primary school. Mrs. Frisby always stands out to me. She is unbelievably brave and would do anything to save her children, even though she was just a field mouse.

7. Rachel Crowley – The Husband’s Secret

Rachel’s daughter died when she was young and since then she has spiralled into grief and depression that causes her to pretty much neglect her son. She forgets about him. She doesn’t particularly like spending anytime with him. Yet doesn’t want him to move to NYC. She dismisses the possibility that he might still be hurting all these years. Frankly, the poor bloke practically lost his sister and his parents on the same day. He must have felt so alone.

8. Mrs. Everdeen – The Hunger Games

Mrs. Everdeen is memorable for the way she allowed herself to be completely absorbed by depression after her husband died. In the end Katniss had to become the breadwinner as her mother was too busy sitting in her depression. After Katniss volunteered of the Hunger Games, she pulled herself out of it for Prim. So she is neither the worst nor the best but she pulled herself out when she needed it the most.

9. Natalie – The Other Side of the Season

Natalie is interesting. She is scarred by her past and has made plenty of heartbreaking choices. It’s hard to write a whole lot without spoiling the book. Just know she is a memorable mother.

10. Jennifer Honey – Matilda

So she didn’t start out as Matilda’s mother but she certainly was the closest thing Matilda had to a loving and caring mother. Miss Honey fought for Matilda’s education. She encouraged her. She gave Matilda so much. She is a very beautiful character. Hard to believe that a male wrote her.

Who do you consider the most memorable mother?

Cai xx