The Maker of Swans

Paraic O’Donnell


Adult Fiction

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‘It is no small matter, after all, to create something—to make it so only by setting down the words. We forget the magnitude, sometimes, of that miracle.

Mr Crowe was once the toast of the finest salons. A man of learning and means, he travelled the world, enthralling all who met him.

Now, Mr Crowe devotes himself to earthly pleasures. He has retreated to his sprawling country estate, where he lives with Clara, his mysterious young ward, and Eustace, his faithful manservant. His great library gathers dust and his once magnificent gardens grow wild.

But Mr Crowe and his extraordinary gifts have not been entirely forgotten. When he acts impetuously over a woman, he attracts the attention of Dr Chastern, the figurehead of a secret society to which Crowe still belongs. Chastern comes to Crowe’s estate to call him to account, and what follows will threaten everyone he cares for. But Clara possesses gifts of her own, gifts whose power she has not yet fully grasped. She must learn to use them quickly, if she is to save them all.’

I really struggled with this book and I am disappointed that I did when I see all the reviews raving on about how good this book is. For a month I could read no more than maybe 10-15 pages before putting it down. It just didn’t draw me in.

I found the characters confusing, I couldn’t keep up with who was who. It wasn’t till the end of the book that I realized Cromer wasn’t a Crouch brother. Just then I actually had to check that it was the Crouch brothers because there was also Mr. Crowe.

I actually found the book confusing. It jumped a bit from present to past and then eventually from character to character. Whilst I eventually got the drift of who and when the book was focused, I still have no idea what the book was about. I don’t entirely understand what it is that Crowe and Clara actually did that was so valuable. I actually don’t know how it is that I finished the book.

The only thing about the whole book that I liked was Eustace. I loved this character and I loved his story of pain and compassion. I loved how much he loved Clara, how his primary objective was Clara’s safety and he would do anything for her.

My recommendation: Give it a miss.

Cai xx