The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank



The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge, Cleaning Out the TBR Closet 2017




‘It is one of the most celebrated and enduring books of the last century and it remains a deeply admired testament to the indestructible nature of human spirit.

Anne Frank and her family fled the horrors of Nazi occupation by hiding in the back of a warehouse in Amsterdam for two years with another family and a German dentist. Aged thirteen when she went into the secret annexe, Anne kept a diary. She movingly revealed how the eight people living under these extraordinary conditions coped with hunger, the daily threat of discovery and death and being cut off from the outside world, as well as petty misunderstandings and the unbearable strain of living like prisoners.

The Diary of a Young Girl is a timeless true story to be rediscovered by each new generation. For young readers and adults it continues to bring to life Anne’s extraordinary courage and struggle throughout her ordeal.’

I find it hard to review this book. It is not like it is a work of fiction that I can tear apart the plot. It is not like it is a standard non-fiction book that I can tear apart the writing. It is a raw depiction of what really happened to a girl who along with her family and a few others were hidden away for years in hopes of avoiding the Nazis.

Even though Anne thoroughly describes exactly how she is feeling being cooped up and living in constant fear, I could not imagine being in her position. This book had to be published. It was incredibly insightful. If people in hiding were going through so harsh conditions, you could barely imagine the concentration camps. It was moving and I respect Otto Frank’s decision to keep it largely uncensored and unchanged. It would have hurt him immensely to read how his daughter truly felt towards the situation. It would have been like rubbing salt into the wounds of already losing his entire family.


My recommendation: Everyone should read this book, especially if you are into WWII.

Cai xx