One of the best and one of the worst things about moving is the packing and unpacking of books. I love to reorganise my books. I love picking them up and smelling the pages, feeling the texture of the covers. I love it. What I don’t love is how time consuming it all is.

I am a perfectionist. I try not to be but there is no denying the fact that when it coms to certain things, I cannot help but make sure it is as close to perfect as possible. In this instance all book are to be organised by authors last name in alphabetical order. I have decided this time to separate my signed copies and put them at the front but from there it is fiction, non-fiction, textbooks and cookbooks. There is no rainbow shelves in my house. After they have been organised as above, I then have to have series in reading order. This means for books like Stephanie Laurens and Johanna Lindsey, I have to look up the reading order online and make sure it matches on the shelves. This can take such a long time. Especially as I recently inherited at least 50 more books.

Add the fact that I need a new bookshelf and well I feel a little snowed in by books. They are literally everywhere in my room. I do’t even know where I would put another bookshelf if I had one? I am running out of room fast. I think its time we built that mansion we always talk about with the Beauty and the Beast library. Floor to ceiling covered in books. Comfy chairs around the place. An index system (yeah I am old school). Beautiful fluffy rugs around the place so one can lay on the floor. Big floor cushions. A children’s area (complete with child barrier so they are unable to escape).

What would your ideal library look like?

Cai xx