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Sarah Fader



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‘Old School/New School Mom is a blog that started in 2009 by Sarah Fader when her son was 11 months old. Sarah has a fearless voice. She says things that people think in their minds but wouldn’t dare say out loud. She hopes that other parents will embrace their inner voice and be truthful with themselves.’

I always love reading other parent’s experiences. It makes me feel good that I am not the only one who finds one’s self in certain situations. I loved how raw and honest Sarah was. She didn’t hold back at all and I definitely appreciate that. I am all for her cause, The Stigma Fighters, as someone who has their own issues with mental illness. Sarah covers more topics than just parenting and she states so in this book. I love this, as we are not just parents. We are more than just a mother or father, and it is a great reminder. One that I think I needed.

I disagreed with some of the things she said but that’s okay. It’s just a difference of opinion and it is nice to read varying opinions. Makes me feel less like a sheep. For instance, she pleads the case that we should stop calling assertive women, bitches. I believe you should embrace the name. Take away the derogatory meaning by showing them that it doesn’t have that meaning to you.

My recommendation: Here is a refreshing read filled wit realism.

Cai xx