A Bead in the Hand

Janice Peacock

Glass Bead Mystery #2


Cozy Mystery





‘A bead bazaar turns bizarre when jewelry designer and glass beadmaker Jax O’Connell discovers a dead body beneath her sales table. Suspected of murder, Jax and her friend Tessa scramble to find the killer among the fanatic shoppers and eccentric vendors. They have their hands full dealing with a scumbag show promoter, hipsters in love, and a security guard who wants to do more than protect Jax from harm. Adding to the chaos, Jax’s quirky neighbor Val arrives unexpectedly with trouble in tow. Can Jax untangle the clues before she’s arrested for murder?’

A Bead in the Hand was relatively easy to get through and you don’t have to have read the first book to get through this book. It had been a while since I had last read a cozy mystery and it was a great book to begin with. This book was fun and hilarious at some points. I would definitely read more of this series.

I did find myself rolling my eyes a lot at Jax’s antics. What are the chances she would have to deal with another murder so soon after the last one? If she wants to be a detective, why doesn’t she just go and become a detective?

The romance between Ryan and Jax was weird. I felt like it just didn’t work. Either there needed to be a bit more or none at all. There was no wow factor in this book.

My recommendation: A good cozy mystery.

Cai xx