Happy Monday!

So it has nearly been a fortnight since the beginning of the March Take Control of Your TBR Pile Reading Challenge.

As I sit here typing this, I have not completed any more books. Seriously Cai what are you doing? Well the aftermath of our family holiday has hit. Miss Victoria Rose is in the midst of a power struggle. She is trying her hardest to assert her dominance after the reigns being let loose in Brisbane. She is a force of nature. A firecracker. My little Wonder Woman. When she wants something, you know. I too am a strong-willed woman. What I want, I generally get. You can’t tell we are related at all… I find that we are butting heads just a little in this last week as I try to gain some sort of normalcy and routine to our week, and she tries to prove that she is the one in charge.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. Her strength means I wont need to worry about my daughter ever being a doormat to anyone. It just means that I have no time to do much. Between the Year of Yes, the Personal Growth Challenge and Victoria, there isn’t much time for reading. I find I am dead to the world at around 9.30 most nights.

I am hoping though that by Monday (I am writing this all on a Saturday afternoon while she is sleeping and Ross is home to halve the burden), I will have finished one more book. Friday night I managed to stay up way past midnight as I was unable to put down Jamie McGuire’s novel. Fingers crossed this means I will finish the book sooner than expected, rather than just losing a lot of sleep. I don’t regret it, I got lost in a world of fiction and that’s where I love to be.

The point of today’s blog post? Shit happens, we get busy, mum life is not a walk in the park but you have to keep on moving toward your goals and trying or you will sink in the mud.

Cai xx


Post Script:

After writing this, I managed to finish 2 books last night and one this morning!