Happy Monday everyone!

Just thought I would share a little more on My Year of Yes.

So for the most part, I actually forget that I am doing this, not that I am saying no; it is just not at the forefront of my mind.

One area though where I am focusing on saying yes is to Miss Victoria Rose… Within reason that is… If Victoria comes and wants me to play or to give her a cuddle, my answer is yes. I will drop what I am doing and give her a cuddle that could last for anywhere from 30 seconds to half an hour. I will drop whatever I am doing to play with her, she normally only wants to play for 5 minutes, but it’s better than dealing with a half hour temper tantrum.

The biggest change I have noticed is when she brings me a book I will drop what I am doing and read the book she has brought me. She will do this at least 3 times a day. Now we have always been really big on reading and attend library events at least twice a week. The library is one of her favourite places to go. We read every night before bed but while she loves having a book read to her, she would not sit still. Now when she brings me a book to read, she cuddles into my lap and quietly sits there as I read to her. She has gone from violently trying to turn the pages constantly to calmly waiting for me to finish the page. Her language is also rapidly improving but I have no other children to compare her progress too, but I like to think that I am exposing her to more language now.

I now look forward to when she brings me a book. The changes in her behavior have been amazing and it is more enjoyable. I love that I am fostering a love of books in her. I look forward to reading to her more and seeing her reading journey.

Cai xx