Dreamers Never Sleep

Pat Mesiti

Non-Fiction, Motivational, Self-Help





Dreamers never sleep. Dreamers are constantly thinking about their goals and his book, Pat Mesiti outlines how to hone this skill to actually achieve your dreams.

Pat Mesiti delivers in a very clear and concise manner, making it easy to understand. There is a focus on changing your focus and habits to create success in achieving your goals, whether they are concerning family or career. Mesiti ends every chapter with a series of question designed to make you evaluate your own personal situation as well as the main points from the chapter.

The only reason that this book isn’t getting 5 stars is because there wasn’t a wow factor like I have found in others of this kind. Mesiti is a former pastor, so there are plenty of religious references.

My recommendation: If you need to become more goal orientated, this book can help you evaluate your situation.

Cai xx