The Hypnotist’s Love Story

Liane Moriarty


Contemporary Romance

Library Book




Ellen is a Sydney hypnotherapist, helping people to overcome their own issues through suggestion. She falls in love with Patrick, a widowed surveyor and single dad. As the relationship progresses, Patrick reveals his ex-girlfriend is a crazy stalker. Instead of contacting the police when she notices the stalking, Ellen is intrigued by Saskia.

Liane Moriarty is the queen of intrigue. Her books keep you hanging on and on, desperate to know the next juicy bit. Like Ellen, I was incredibly intrigued by the stalker. I was intrigued by Saskia’s thought process and I wanted to know what it was she was going to do next and how it would all conclude.

Moriarty’s novels draw light to relevant topics that are prevalent in today’s society. The Hypnotist’s Love Story addresses a variety of issues such as the relationship between stepchildren and stepparents and what happens after a break up, custody issues, dealing with grief, alternative medicine and how accepted it is and ethics.

My recommendation: If you want something that keeps you reading, pick it this up.

Cai xx