It seems I have an addiction. I just cannot help myself. I see it and something just takes over me. Before I know it, I have done it again.

My name is Cai and I am addicted to reading challenges.

Sometime towards the end of last year, I decided that 2017 was to be the year of yes. I am to say yes to opportunities that will make me happy or improve my personal growth in some way. No matter how much it may scare me. Somehow I have let this translate into saying yes to all the reading challenges I find and when you belong to a group such as NBRC on Goodreads, there are plenty of challenges to say yes to.

Prior to my year of yes, I was already in the midst of the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge, the 2016 Better Reading Challenge, NBRC’s Holiday Treats Challenge and their Judge & Jury Challenge.

I have now managed to also pledge my participation in NBRC’s New Year Extravaganza, Time for Tea, Goodreads Choice Awards 2016,

In fact as I am trying to get all the links for the reading challenges above, I managed to possibly enter more.

I have set my goal for Goodreads’ 2017 Reading Challenge at 150 books. I find that participating in these reading challenges encourages me to read at a quicker pace, read books I might not have ever picked up, mark books of the TBR list and find time to sit down with a book and relax.

Joining a group such as NBRC or following blogs that continually post about reading challenges helps to keep me accountable as well.

Cai xx