Intentional Living: Choosing A Life That Matters

John C. Maxwell


Self-Help, Motivational, Non-Fiction

ARC, Personal Development

I received this eBook from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



John C. Maxwell is the son of a pastor who has always taught his children to live with intentionality. John went on to become a pastor himself. He knew that deep inside his gift was to help others. He wanted to live a life filled with intention, in particular to teach others to live life with intentionality.

I was immediately fascinated by the concept of living your life with intention. We all want to live a life of purpose, but we don’t always follow through. Maxwell uses his own personal experiences to show you how to find your why and live a more fulfilling life. Included at the end of each section is a series of quick exercises to help you on the track to living a life that matters.

Some people might find the references to God and religion off putting. However, he was a pastor. It was his livelihood to preach the word of God.

My recommendation: Keep an open mind and give this book an opportunity.

Cai xx