Macie Harman is posted to Darwin with the air force and in an attempt to make new friends joins a swing dancing class. There she meets Matt, a school teacher, and the romance begins.

The debut novel by fellow book blogger Renee Conoulty is a highly entertaining read. The characters were delightful and incredibly relatable with an interesting and realistic story line. Does anyone else find that when they read a chick lit, it can turn out to be a bit outlandish? Not in this novel. Don’t Mean A Thing touches on what it is like to be in the Australian Defence Force and what it is like in the beautiful Northern Territory (mainly, it’s hot).

With the main character being a dancer and an avid reader, I instantly fell in love with the book. Renee herself is a swing dancer and military spouse who has lived in Darwin for a few years, meaning her information is for the most part, first hand. This in my opinion makes the book even more relatable.

I have nothing negative to say about this book, unless you don’t like endings that tie everything into place.

My recommendation: Grab a block of chocolate and a bottle of wine, put on some swing music and settle in for a great read.

Cai xx

TITLE: Don’t Mean A Thing

AUTHOR: Renee Conoulty

SERIES: Got That Swing #1

GENRE: Chick Lit


PLATFORM: eBook and Paperback

CATEGORY: Beta Reading


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