Happy Halloween!! All Hallows Eve! Samhain!

After 2 years of battling to get internet, we finally have NBN installed. For nearly a year, I have run this blog using the 6GB of data from my phone and visits to V’s grandparents. But finally I should be able to run this blog to its full capacity.

While things have been quiet on the blog, I still have done plenty of reading. Which means that I have plenty of reviews to post.

This past month has been massive. We are preparing for V’s first birthday and in an attempt to be more productive,  I have turned off all notifications. It seems to have worked. I spend less time looking at useless things on social media anymore time looking at the important things. I just have to make sure that I don’t let Netflix get in the way.

Speaking of Netflix, who else is super excited about the Gilmore Girls revival? I have started from the beginning in preparation!

Happy Monday All!

Cai xx