Circe has brought the sorceress Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons, back to life. She believes the US government has kidnapped her daughter, Wonder Woman and launches an attack on the United States of America. However, Wonder Woman is safe and sound, meaning the attack is all for naught.

The artwork in this graphic novel was excellent but that is about the only redeeming quality it possesses.

I think I have read enough graphic now to honestly say that there was no real way to follow this one. I ended up returning it to the library without finishing, as I just couldn’t keep up. It seems that they cut out some crucial parts and thought they could just write a brief summary at the beginning of each chapter. I believed that I would have been more interested and would have finished it, if the story were complete.

My recommendation: Don’t bother.

Cai xx

TITLE: Wonder Woman: Amazons Attack!

AUTHOR: Will Pfeifer

SERIES: Wonder Woman

GENRE: Graphic Novels


PLATFORM: I borrowed this hardback from our local library

CATEGORY: Library Books, Graphic Novels