Tammy Stanley explores call reluctance and what you can do to help you to sieze the phone.

Carpe Phonum provides great tips that apply not just to making phone calls but plenty of other areas of life, including overcoming fear and the effects of positive thinking and focus. It definitely was worth the read and I did learn some new things from this book. I think it certainly is more relevant now when we are in a culture that prefers texting to calling. For some reason, it is easier for my generation to send texts than to pick up the phone and dial the number. While this book focuses on calls for prospecting purposes, I found it applies more to just making a phone call full stop. I personally hate talking on the phone. I only do it if it’s absolutely necessary. Hopefully the things I did learn from this book can help me to overcome that.
While the book is useful and very helpful, I found that it waffled a bit. There was more than one time that I had to wonder “what is the point?” and “where is she going with this, what does it have to do with making phone calls?”

My recommendation: It’s worth getting past the waffling.

Cai xx

TITLE: Carpe Phonum

AUTHOR: Tammy Stanley

GENRE: Self-Help, Business


PLATFORM: I borrowed this book from a friend.

CATEGORY: BSM, Borrowed Books



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