Burnt Offering

Cable & Deapool Vol. 2

Fabian Nicieza


Graphic Novel

Library Book



‘A floating city promises hope for humans and mutants alike But if Cable plans to be Earth’s Savior, will Deadpool accept the role of Judas? Plus: the traumatic, tragic, and tantric events of The Burnt Offering have left Cable – well, “regurgitated” – now Deadpool has to save the day Even if it means confronting his fear of very big-headed villains And the challenge of finding someone who can fix technology from thousands of years in the future.’

I have said this before and I will say it again. You really have to read Cable and Deadpool from the very beginning. Thinking back on it, I can barely even remember what happened. They all just blur into each other with massive gaps as I haven’t read them all.

Deadpool is hilarious. Fabian Nicieza is incredibly talented. I love the story lines and I love the art work. The character Deadpool himself is just perfect, especially when everyone is just too busy being serious.

I must admit that I am beginning to get over Cable very quickly. He is so self-righteous. I get why he is like that but seriously.

My recommendation: Read it all in order, it makes more sense.

Cai xx