Dexter Yager



Personal Development




‘It’s all in the title – The Pursuit; Success is in the journey.’

Dexter Yager has made quite a life for himself. He started out poor but nothing was going to get in his way. Dexter was set on achieving his dream. Pursuit explores Dexter’s tips for achieving your dreams.

Some may find this book hard to read. Some may think that it’s a get rich quick book but it’s not. They might not like the approach Yager takes. They might not like his belief in God. They may not like Dexter’s views on how a relationship works. In my opinion there are many reasons to not like this book. If you are close-minded that is.

If you are open minded then you would find plenty of reasons to love this book. The main reason I loved this book so much is that you can tell that Dexter Yager is passionate about achieving dreams. He is passionate about achieving his personal dreams and passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. This book is filled with inspiring quotes, tales of famous people reaching the stars and examples from Yager’s personal life. You can be assured that what Dexter recommends has been tried and tested. I didn’t want to put this book down as I personally found it inspiring and motivating! This book has been able to help me focus more on my dreams and the actions I need to take in order to reach them. I hope that if you do decide to read this book that you find it as motivating and inspiring as I do.

My recommendation: Perfect for someone who has a dream and is willing to be open minded.

Cai xx