This Sunday, I thought I would spotlight another book blog. Renee, the mastermind behind Hey Said Renee, is the reason I started blogging to begin with.

Renee and I had connected through a book club (surprise) that I was running for a community centre here in Darwin. We quickly became friends on Facebook and Goodreads and were swapping recommendations for books. Thanks to Renee, I won a copy of Tess Woods, Love At First Flight. Renee also introduced me to the works of Liane Moriarty, Jojo Moyes, Tracy Krimmer, Carla Caruso and many, many more.

After she created her blog, I followed her for a while and then decided to sign up to NetGalley myself. Eventually I decided to throw myself into the deep end and start my own blog as I was already writing reviews for the books I was reading. Renee has played a huge part in my success as a blogger.

At Hey Said Renee you can find book reviews, giveaways, guest posts and author interviews. You can also sign up to her newsletter and read her flash fiction collection.

Renee is in the process of writing a book of her own so we will be eagerly watching this space.

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Picture courtesy of Hey Said Renee!