I thought I would start off the week doing something a little different. A while back I was tagged on Instagram by @athousandwordsamillionbooks to do #20FactsAboutMe. So I thought why not do it on the blog and let my readers get to know me a little better! So here we go:

  1. I live in Darwin, Australia and the only time I have ever seen crocodiles in the wild is when I was on the Adelaide River Queen watching the jumping crocodiles.
  2. My favourite colours are purple and green.
  3. I have pretty much my whole wedding planned and I am not even engaged yet.
  4. I absolutely hated pregnancy, it was the worst 9 months of my life but the birth was a breeze.
  5. I nearly gave birth to my daughter on the toilet at home.
  6. I wear glasses and hate them.
  7. I have an obsession with the Tudor period.
  8. I have a fluffy white rabbit called Bonnie. She is my baby.
  9. I am a full-time, first time, stay at home mother who runs this book blog and a mobile facial business.
  10. I am on break from uni until next year but miss it immensely.
  11. 23 is my magic number. Ross and I met on the 23rd, started dating a month later on the 23rd, our first ultrasound of V was on the 23rd and her due date was the 23rd. We will be getting married on the 23rd of March of whatever year he finally decides to propose.
  12. I am brutally honest, to my detriment at times.
  13. I suffer from anxiety and depression.
  14. I was an Irish dancer but knee injury.
  15. I read several books all at once.
  16. I said I wouldn’t let my daughter watch the Wiggles but failed at that.
  17. I want to have my children homeschooled.
  18. I wanted 6 kids, Ross wanted 2 so we compromised on 4.
  19. I cannot wait to get my passport and start travelling the world.
  20. I want to open a book café with mini crèche where people can come and buy books, sit and read their books, eat copious amounts of desserts, drink copious amounts of tea or coffee and discuss books.

Thanks for reading these random facts about me. I struggled to write them a bit, which makes me go “is there anyone out there who knows me better than me?”

Take the challenge yourself, write 20 facts about yourself and tag me so I can get to know you a bit better!

Cai xx