The other night I had the honour of being invited by Renee from Hey Said Renee to the Northern Territory Literary Awards and NT Read Awards (read as in past tense).

The NT Literary Awards are the perfect opportunity to celebrate the writers of the Northern Territory, with 7 categories that writers can enter including, Flash Fiction, Short Stories and Essays. This year they had nearly 300 entries. Renee had entered a few pieces but unfortunately she didn’t make the finalist list (there is always next year). Congratulations to Renee for summoning the courage to enter! I hope you are proud of yourself for taking the next steps and entering your work!

It turned out that my best friends cousin had entered the Kath Manzie Youth Award and won it! The moment I read her story, I knew why she won. Very talented.

As a part of the awards, we were all given a book featuring all of the finalists work, so you can actually read what was submitted and judged. The level is quite high so I wont be participating anytime soon!

It was a great time meeting writers and having some valuable baby free time. I have to say though, I think my highlight was catching Pokemon out the front of Parliament House. How many women can claim they were catching a Drowzee while standing with a group of grown women, wearing high heels and chatting while the sun set? Yeah I have no idea but being a geek is AWESOME and is a badge I wear with pride!

Cai xx