“Love isn’t about predictions or behavioural markers. It just happens, and you have no control.”

Thomas has had his heart broken because he is so dedicated to his job. The woman he loved left him and nothing has been the same since. Liis Lindy left her fiancé for a chance to further her career with the FBI. After a one-night stand on her first night in San Diego, Liis discovers that she slept with her new boss. Thomas and Liis battle to begin a relationship amongst their dedication for their job and the never-ending drama that surrounds the Maddox family.

As with every book I have read by Jamie McGuire, this book was awfully hard to put down. I managed to finish it within the first few days of my holiday because it was just so addictive. McGuire has a particular formula for her plot line and it works. This book is a bit more suspense than the others.
This book is great, but it’s no Beautiful Disaster. While I loved the characters, especially Val, there was no wow factor to warrant a five star rating.

My recommendation: Perfect if you want an FBI romance.

Cai xx

TITLE: Beautiful Redemption

AUTHOR: Jamie McGuire

SERIES: The Maddox Brothers #2

GENRE: Contemporary Romance


PLATFORM: I borrowed this book from my local library.

CATEGORY: Library Books


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