Another new weekly feature here at The Bookfeed Blog is Sunday’s Spotlight where I will shine the spotlight on an author, series, Facebook page or another blog. This week I thought I would shine a light on Tracy Krimmer. Tracy has become one of my favourite authors ad I cannot wait to read more of her books!

I had seen quite a few great reviews for Tracy’s books from fellow friends and bloggers. They all raved on about how good her books were so after following her on Facebook and subscribing to her website, I had an opportunity to get all her short stories for free!

I devoured all of her short stories in about the space of a week. Krimmer is very talented. Her characters are relatable and believable. Her plots are funny and manage to hit a nerve. Every one of her short stories remained with me for days after I had finished them. In fact I had to change all their ratings days after because they were so profound to me. I love that the romance in these stories are not over the top. They are simple and sweet. I guess I love the realistic way that Tracy approaches romance.

So as today is my birthday, I was in the mood to spend some money, so when I hopped on Amazon and Dating For Decades appeared, I instantly one clicked. Then Caching In, the first book in her Pastime Pursuits series appeared and I one clicked that too. I just couldn’t help myself.

Tracy has a new book set to release in Fall of this year (American autumn, clearly not Australian autumn). In fact she just released the title of this book: Lipsticks and Lattes. I love Tracy’s book titles. They are always simple and catchy.

If you haven’t read any of Tracy Krimmer, now is the time to do so! Click the links below to find out more!

Cai xx

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