I’m back! It has been the craziest three weeks. I took the laptop with me on holiday with the intention of keeping up with the blog posts and my reading. It was suppose to be a relaxing holiday with my grandparents. Unfortunately, the universe proved that nothing ever goes to plan. Ever.

I left for Queensland with what I thought was a sinus infection. Turns out it was an ear infection and shingles. The left side of my face was covered in blisters, my ear had disgusting bloody pus pouring out of it and I had to stop breastfeeding due to the medication I was on. My stress levels were through the roof, which doesn’t help shingles at all.

All of a sudden my holiday was filled with doctors appointments, applications of calamine lotion and lots of sleep as shingles leaves you incredibly fatigued.

I did manage to finish some books but nowhere near as many as I had hoped. My concentration levels were non-existent meaning I could not sit in front of a computer for the life of me.

You would think, like I did, that once home everything would return to normal. BAH BUM. Victoria broke out into chicken pox on the second day back. Sinc getting back we have been busy with doctors appointments, business, family and birthday parties I haven’t had anytime to sleep.

On the plus side, my birthday is this week! Meaning birthday money, meaning the book-buying ban is temporarily lifted. I am considering buying a Kindle as I am using the app on my iPad now but it takes up all the storage on my iPad. So my question to my readers is, what do you recommend in regards to purchasing a Kindle eReader? Do I go with the simple Kindle Touch or the snazzier Kindle Paperwhite? Hit me with your recommendations and feedback!

From here on in, The Bookfeed Blog will be running on a new schedule. Hopefully this will add a bit more consistency to the posts. Every day has a theme.

Monday’s Madness – A day to post pretty much anything. Could be an opinion piece, parenting story or like today, a general update.

Tuesday’s Top Ten – I will post my top ten on a particular subject. I have seen other blogs linking back and doing the same subject but I would rather dictate what I do.

Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap – I will post roughly where I am at with the months goals. I find that doing these posts are keeping me accountable and I am certainly reading a lot more.

Thursday’s Throwback – Here is where the reviews begin. Thursday’s Throwback will review a book that was published before the current year. So anything published in or before 2015.

Friday’s Feature – Here I will review books published in the current year. So anything published in 2016. Hopefully this will help me smash out my NetGalley and Advanced Reader Copies.

Sunday’s Spotlight – Here I will shine the spotlight on someone who I think is deserving. It may be a particular book that I want you all to read or an author I think you should all follow. It could be a series or a fellow book blogger.

Saturdays will be my quiet day. I am dedicating Saturdays to typing and scheduling my posts, photographing the books, checking all social media and responding to emails.

Cai xx