Welcome to the new weekly feature here on the blog! Thursday’s Throwback will feature a review on a book published before the current year, so anything before 2016.

Before Fox could create Wolverine’s origin story, Marvel decided to jump in and tell it how it is. James and Rose live on an estate in Canada until an incident forces them on the run. After reaching the frontier in Canada, James changes his name among other things.

Origin was amazing.

I loved the artwork. I could hang the artwork around my place, especially when Logan is running around with the wolves.

It was great learning the beginning of Wolverine through the graphic novel. If I hadn’t of borrowed this from the library then I would still think it is how the movie represents it. I have to say that I am beginning to agree with my partner that Fox does a better job of following the comic books than what the Marvel Cinematic Universe does.

My recommendation: begin your Wolverine experience with this collection of comic books.

Cai xx

TITLE: Origin

AUTHOR: Bill Jemas & Paul Jenkins

SERIES: Marvel

GENRE: Graphic Novel


PLATFORM: I borrowed this graphic novel from the local library.

CATEGORY: Graphic Novels, Embrace You Inner Child Challenge



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