There are as many ways to become a millionaire, as there are millionaires. However one can use many skill sets to help one become successful in their field. Whether that is becoming a millionaire or becoming a professional athlete. Jim Stovall explores how making sure you are being productive rather than just active can help you become successful.

I loved reading Stovall’s Wisdom for Winners. He is brilliant at conveying a meaningful message with great examples from his own life and those he idolizes. After going blind at a young age, Stovall knows about overcoming obstacles and becoming successful. The book was informative and thought provoking. I started to question how productive I have actually been and realized that the reason I don’t get much done is because I confuse activity with productivity.

However, this book was incredibly repetitive. It felt like nearly every chapter had a plug in for his questionnaire, which is free but after the second time it was annoying and I soon found myself skimming.

My recommendation: if you are finding that you are not achieving what you need to be, it is time you read this book.

Cai xx

TITLE: Ultimate Productivity

AUTHOR: Jim Stovall

GENRE: Business, Non-Fiction, Self-Help


PLATFORM: This paperback is from my personal library.

CATEGORY: BSM, Embrace Your Inner Child


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