“Suddenly it was okay to want messy, and flaws, and uncertainty, so much of what Trenton embodied… everything I saw in myself and that I thought I didn’t like.”

When her boyfriend cancels on the weekend away, Cami decides she needs a night out at the Red Door. Trenton Maddox has been in love with Cami since they were in school, she just never knew. After he approaches her table at the Red Door, he tries his hardest to win her over, even though she already has a boyfriend.

People seem to think that you have to have read Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster in order to read this. You really don’t. While this story line does take place at the same time as the previously mentioned, it can easily be read on its own. It is all about falling in love with another Maddox brother and boy oh boy do you fall in love with him. In fact, I love him even more than I love Travis. Trenton is now in my top ten book boyfriends.

Have you ever read a book where you loved it right up until the very end and then you didn’t know what to think? That happened to me with Beautiful Oblivion. In fact, I really don’t know what to write or where to go with this review.

There was so much I loved about this book. I love an independent woman and Cami is definitely that. She shows that you can still be independent and lean on the ones you love. She doesn’t let anyone dictate how her life should go, even though plenty of people try.

I love that this book did not end in a marriage or a pregnancy. I find it refreshing as most of the books I am reading now, do. I also love how relatable the love between Cami and Trenton is. It is like the quote above, crazy, messy and all over the place yet not as nitty gritty as Travis and Abby.

I also love the dysfunctional families being a normal thing in McGuire’s books. There is not a person I know with a normal family so her books end up being more relatable.

BUT. The ending of Beautiful Oblivion blew my mind. Once I read those last three words everything made sense. But I didn’t know how to feel or what to think. I literally cannot give it a five star rating because of it. My mind is all over the place. But I loved everything so much, how could I no give it five stars?

My recommendation: ignore my babble and add Trenton Maddox to your list of book boyfriends!

Cai xx

TITLE: Beautiful Oblivion

AUTHOR: Jamie McGuire

SERIES: Maddox Brothers #1

GENRE: Contemporary Romance


PLATFORM: I borrowed this as a paperback from the local library.

CATEGORY: Library Books


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