I want to shine the spotlight on a book that I absolutely love! It is currently on sale for $1.34 on Amazon until the end of the month!

Marisa Tanner is a confident lawyer who holds her own in the courtrooms of Memphis. Trip Brannon is the heir and General Counsel to the large Memphis company, Branco. Branco happens to be Marisa’s largest client and Trip just happens to be her kryptonite. As having sexual relations with a client is frowned upon, Marisa and Trip have a sexy and fun secret relationship while trying to figure out why all of a sudden several sexual harassment lawsuits have been filed against Branco.

Risking Ruin was on my TBR list for quite a while before I received a copy from the author after sharing my birth story on her Facebook page. This book was such a fun read! The characters were witty and hilarious, the plot was intriguing and the sex scenes were like so steamy and sexy!

Normally I find that sex scenes fall into 3 categories:

  1. Fifty Shades of Grey wannabes. Usually ending with an amateur feel to it.
  2. Over written sex scenes. Usually I skim and speed read these.
  3. The underwritten sex scenes. Usually I get angry and think “what was the point of putting a sex scene in if you don’t follow through”.

Wood’s sex scenes are none of the above. They are perfectly written, realistic and just so sexy! Trip Brannon has moved his way into my top ten book boyfriends.

Marisa is not your typical romantic heroine. She is incredibly smart and values her job as a layer. She is into her health and fitness and she is independent. She doesn’t let Trip call all the shots.

Mae Wood is a talented writer. The sequel Borrowing Trouble was even better and I am eagerly hanging out for the next installment of Pig and Barley.

My recommendation: buy this book while it’s on sale! Right now! Take the opportunity! It’s a sign!

Cai xx

TITLE: Risking Ruin

AUTHOR: Mae Wood

SERIES: Pig and Barley #1

GENRE: Contemporary


PLATFORM: I received a copy of this eBook from the author.


You can purchase Risking Ruin at Amazon.

You can check out Mae Wood’s Facebook page here.

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