The second volume of Wolverine Classic begins with a rescue mission where we discover that people believe the X-Men and Wolverine are dead. Going under the name of Patch this set of comics explores his relationship with Madripoor, Mr. Joe Fix-It (the Hulk’s alter ego) and Sabretooth.

I loved this volume. I loved the story lines and the artwork. I loved the classic KAPOWs and KRAKKKs. I loved everything about this. This volume cleared a few things up for me in comparison to the movies. I found this one more interesting than the Deadpool that I had read.

My recommendation: read this before watching the Wolverine movies.

Cai xx

TITLE: Wolverine Classic

AUTHOR: Chris Claremont

SERIES: Wolverine Classic Vol. 2

GENRE: Graphic Novel


PLATFORM: I borrowed this graphic novel from the local library.

CATEGORY: Embrace Your Inner Child Challenge, Graphic Novels



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