“Psychosexual hyperesthesia. His patient was convinced that he was the victim of a lascivious creature who tormented him every night.”

While researching the death of his favourite author in France, Singleton is asked by the police to weigh in on a peculiar case. There seems to be no real connection between the two deaths, other than the fact that they both died in the midst of a terrifying nightmare.

At first I thought this was an imitation of Sherlock Holmes. Apparently, I base all detective novels off of Holmes. I thought that they were trying to put both Holmes and Watson into the one character Singleton, until I kept reading.

As it turns out, there is a supernatural element to this story. It touches on metaphysics, surrealism and succubi. It was such a surprising novel as I foolishly requested this book without realizing that it was a sequel. The author gets points for the fact that you do not have to have read the first novel to understand this one. Overall the book was very intriguing and I was unable to predict where it was going to go.

My recommendation: if you want something different with a touch of supernatural, pick up this book!

Cai xx

TITLE: The Dream Killer of Paris

AUTHOR: Fabrice Bourland

SERIES: A Singleton and Trelawney Case

GENRE: Mystery, Supernatural, Paranormal






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