“It was madness. Wonderful, chaotic, magical madness.”

After an attack leaves her twin brother dead, Ren would do anything to bring him back. After she finds out she is a feral mage, she eagerly accepts the invitation to attend a school in the second layer. Ren’s mission to bring her brother back to life is fraught with adventure and friendship.

This was so hard to put down. There was so much mystery to it all. You just wanted to know more. You wanted to know all the answers that the author had cleverly left until the end or unanswered at all.

The characters were well thought out and the story overall was unpredictable. Zoelle clearly put a lot of thought into her plot, world and characters. She has done an amazing job with the first book in the series. I cannot wait to read the rest!

There was a moment when Ren was on her way to the school that I thought this might resemble Harry Potter but for the most part I was wrong. The only real resemblance between the two is that there is still strong classism concerning parentage. Which isn’t that bad really. It seems to be a bigger issue in the Ren Crown series than Harry Potter.

My recommendation: get all the books at the same time so you don’t have to wait like I do.

Cai xx

TITLE: The Awakening of Ren Crown

AUTHOR: Anne Zoelle

SERIES: Ren Crown #1

GENRE: Suprnatural, Mystical, Magical, Paranormal, Mystery, Young Adult





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