“One down, forever to go.”

During Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster, Jamie McGuire barely touched on what actually happened in Vegas. After the fire that destroyed Keaton Hall and killed many, Travis and Abby decide that they want to take it to the next step and get married. A Beautiful Wedding is a novella that gives all the juicy details of the wedding that you missed out on.

This was a great story to tie off America’s threat at the end of Beautiful Disaster to make Abby do it again. McGuire differed from the other two books in the series by alternating between both Travis and Abby’s point of view. It really works seeing it from both points of view. It was great finding out that there was more behind the scenes than what we thought. When reading both Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster, I felt like there was an allusion to more but wasn’t sure until I found it at the local library.

I just want to say that Jamie McGuire, you are fantastic. Normally the books I read end up in pregnancy. Whether it is immediately or they flash forward to the future, she did not that. I honestly thought that it was where it was going to go, I mean it is the next logical step. The fact that she didn’t, kept it classy in my opinion. I would much rather classy than cliché.

I don’t really have anything negative to say about the book. I just cannot give it a five star rating as it di not really knock me off my feet or engage any real emotion. It was a great quick read to just tie everything off for Travis and Abby.

My recommendation: put on some Elvis and get reading! But ONLY after finishing at least Beautiful Disaster.

Cai xx

TITLE: A Beautiful Wedding

AUTHOR: Jamie McGuire

SERIES: Beautiful #2.5

GENRE: Contemporary Romance


PLATFORM: Library Hardcover



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