Not everyone is a natural leader. This book details what you need to be a successful leader, from characteristics to habits. Duggan outlines the differences between a boss and a leader as well as what can set you back.

This is a nice quick book that succinctly does the job. It is thought provoking in the way that you evaluate yourself and what it is that you do that defines whether or not you are a leader. Dave Duggan is a minister with lots of experience in the leadership role. I find it more appealing to read from personal experience than just textbook theory. He also doesn’t drown the book in Bible references unlike most ministers who write a book.

However, I didn’t understand why such a short book needed “Life Application Review” at the end of each section. I understood that it was reviewing the section but it was not like they were long sections. It felt more like fluff to make the book longer. I was also disappointed in the editing. I know some of you are all “don’t talk about the editing while reviewing” but seriously. Asses instead of assess is the one that really stands out to me. I find it extremely frustrating to constantly find grammatical errors throughout a book that is not an unproofed edition. If it was one or two, it would not have bothered me but I kept finding them. This has brought down my rating for the book.

My recommendation: go and buy the post-it flags (highlighting a book with a highlighter or pencil is a serious offence) and a notebook to take notes and evaluate your leadership skills.

Cai xx

TITLE: Don’t Follow Me: I’m the Leader

AUTHOR: Dave Duggan

GENRE: Business, Personal Development


PLATFORM: Personal Paperback



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Don’t Follow Me Book