Heathcliff and Cathy are destined to be together but fate rarely gives them the chance. They are the ultimate star crossed lovers with Wuthering Heights telling their tale of love, betrayal and loss. This edition is a part of a series of classic novels turned into graphic novels. The story is shortened and accompanied by illustrations.

I was disappointed with this. I will lay it straight. It wasn’t awful but it was not what the description made it out to be. It is barely a graphic novel but more of an illustrated edition. The story was fine but it read as children’s novel with the story on one page and an illustration on the next. The illustrations were also black and white

The only thing that the description got right was that it is a great revision tool.

My recommendation: if you need a revision tool then grab this book.

Cai xx

TITLE: Wuthering Heights

AUTHOR: Hilary Burningham

SERIES: A Graphic Novels Series

GENRE: Classics, Graphic Novel


PLATFORM: Library Paperback



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