Here in Darwin we had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Go Home Cheeky Animals Book Launch on the weekend.

The team that brought us Too Many Cheeky Dogs has released another book based on Dion Beasley’s experiences in his hometown of Tennant Creek. Filled with Dion’s cute illustrations, Johanna Bell tells the tale of the different animals that wreak havoc through the town during the year.

This book launch was fantastic. The author was very interactive with the audience, teaching us how to say “cheeky dog” in AusLan (Australian sign language) and asking questions.

The illustrator Dion Beasley has had a huge influence on the production of these books. This is highlighted through out the launch with a video postcard from Dion to Policeman Dan. The postcard details what Dion does on a daily basis from drawing to feeding cheeky dogs and visiting his grandfather.

As Dion is deaf, another video presentation of the first book, Too Many Cheeky Dogs was shown with the book being read in AusLan. The presenter was so lively and animated it was great to see even though my knowledge of AusLan extends to thank you.

Instead of the author reading the book to the audience, they had one of our local primary schools perform the book. It was gorgeous to see the children running around being cheeky dogs and cheeky donkeys. It was fantastic to not only go to support the Australian Book Industry but to support Territory authors and artists. After the launch we had the opportunity to meet both of them and have the books signed by Johanna and Dion draw a cheeky dog in each book. Johanna even made a reference to our cheeky bunny in her message.

Cai xx