At a college frat party, Liam and Sera find instant chemistry with each other. However, as Liam is a vampire, he knows he should stay away from her, but he just can’t. He quickly finds himself more and more possessive over her, especially once she knows the truth. Even though she is frightened by the truth, Sera finds that she just cannot leave him. There is just something that keeps her around. Just when they think they have it sorted, someone decides to bring it all crashing down.

To begin with, I thought this book was slow. So slow I began to skim until it is confirmed that Liam is a vampire. Unfortunately it’s at least 8 chapters in. So if you are someone who has the first chapter rule, I am telling you that you wont be drawn in on the first chapter… Or the first 8. It is twilight-esque and I found myself skimming through the sex scenes as they are just beginning to all read the same. I must warn though that there is a potential trigger for those who may have been sexually assaulted.

Once the story picked up it was hard to put down. There were moments that I was definitely not expecting and once I read the first surprise, it just escalated quickly. I loved how strong Sera was, even after all she had been through.

I love that Sera was actually just frightened by Liam when she found out his secret. Most vampire novels I read (and there has been a few of them), everyone seems to jump at the opportunity to be one, rather than being frightened. I am giving this book 4 stars purely because of how much I loved Sera. When Liam became possessive, she would call him out on it and stand her ground. To her, she believed that yes they belonged together but she wasn’t his possession and he could not order her around. Characters like this need to be more frequent. Ever since Twilight, possessive boyfriends seem to be cool but it really isn’t and I don’t like the example it gives to young women.

I would definitely pick up the sequel!

Cai xx

TITLE: Awakened

AUTHOR: Brenda K. Davies

SERIES: Vampire Awakening #1

GENRE: Supernatural, Paranormal, Romance





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