“Nobody is ever too old to dream. And dreams never grow old.”

Anne Shirley has gained a three-year posting as Principal in Summerside. This means three years away from her beloved Gilbert and three years of adventures. As she resides in Windy Willows with Rebecca Dew and the two widows, she comes to make many friendships, even winning over the Pringles and Tomgallons.

I love that as the readers of Anne of Green Gables grow, Anne has grown with them. Anne is still a dreamer, she sees the positive in anything and everything. Even though she is quite meddling, she has a huge heart with the best of intentions. I feel like they just don’t write them like Anne. I wish I had read these books as I grew up. Anne is a fantastic role model that just doesn’t really exist anymore.

My one and only criticism is that Montgomery wrote the first three novels a 3rd person POV but in Windy Willows, she alternates between letters written to Gilbert and 3rd person point of view. I find this annoying as I much prefer consistency. If there were only a few letters here and there, maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad. You also do not see any replies from Gilbert. He is practically absent in this book and only mentioned in conversation or in her letters to him.

Cai xx

TITLE: Anne of Windy Willows (Poplars)

AUTHOR: L.M. Montgomery

SERIES: Anne of Green Gables #4

GENRE: Junior Fiction


PLATFORM: Library Paperback



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