Transitions and micro transitions. People go through these transitions several times every day. The third space is the space where you transition between the first space to the second. For example from work to home, the first space being work, second being home and the third space being the time in between. Utilizing the third space is essential if you want to achieve balance in your life.

I really enjoyed this book, more so than any other personal development book that I have read. It was hard to put down but I felt that I really needed to reflect on each chapter. It was full of information with accompanying references and examples from Fraser’s own life gave the book credibility. Fraser filled the book with humor too, it wasn’t stiff and stale like some of these books tend to be. The methods can be used with any transition too. Whether it is big or little, or anything you do in life.

Fraser does succumb to the typical pick and choose what information you want to provide. He does tend to only provide the results of studies that support his theories and make it sound like there were no other results.

However that is my only criticism. This is well worth the read, especially if you are finding the need to sort out a work-life balance.

Cai xx

TITLE: The Third Space

AUTHOR: Adam Fraser

GENRE: Business, Personal Development, Non-Fiction, Self Help


PLATFORM: Paperback



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