First a little background as to why I read this book. Throughout my pregnancy I suffered from Perinatal Depression and post birth I have had a few health issue including an increase in my anxiety levels. I am someone who believes that if you want to get better, you need to help yourself. I believe that relying on anti-depressants is not enough. It helps, but it isn’t enough. I believe you need to train your mind to think positive, eat well and exercise. So I borrowed out some books on anxiety from the library to expand my knowledge on depression and anxiety and hopefully find some new techniques to help control it.

Dr. Sandra Cabot’s book confirms my beliefs. At first I was skeptical as in my experience, those who promote a holistic approach tend to discourage pharmaceuticals such as anti-depressants. Cabot however not only endorses the use of anti-depressants but also details what each type does, the names of brands and what the possible side effects are.

Cabot also provides case studies from her own experiences in her profession. This book was informative and was fairly simple and easy to read. Analogies, such as the brain is a battery gives depression and anxiety a different perspective. It is great if you are looking to expand your knowledge on mental health.

Cai xx

TITLE: Help for Depression and Anxiety

AUTHOR: Dr. Sandra Cabot

GENRE: Self-Help, Mental Health, Health and Wellbeing, Non-Fiction


PLATFORM: Library Paperback


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