“I imagined him with his surfer boy hair and broad body pulling out a dildo for housewives.”

Penny Radcliffe has only one fond memory of high school. Tutoring with Will. Every other memory is full of hurt. So when Penny decides to attend the 15-year reunion, it is only in hopes of seeing Will.

This short story is a great “WIN FOR THE NERDS” story. I think it is brilliant that this story highlights that while high school is suppose to be some of “the best years of your life” (that was said in the same nasally tone that the slug like chick off of Monster Inc. says ‘Mike Wazowski’), it actually can be horrendous for some. It shows that years onwards you still remember the hurtful things that happened.

At the time when I finished reading, I was all “oh yeah that was good” and now that I am writing my review 12 hours later, I can’t believe how much that story resonated with me. It is hilarious and witty. Tracy Krimmer is definitely on my Must Purchase All Books wish list.

Cai xx

TITLE: The Right Equation

AUTHOR: Tracy Krimmer

GENRE: Chick Lit, Short Story





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