Attack Panic Attacks is a little book split into two sections. The first section is dedicated to learning techniques to master issues such as phobias, anger, insomnia or IBS. The second part is dedicated to learning about contentment and how to be content within your own life.

I like how the book explains the science behind why one might suffer from the above problems. It is the perfect introduction to those who have not gone to see an actual doctor or therapist. Possibly even for someone who would like to assist a love one with some basic relaxation techniques.

I however, already knew most of what was in the book and did not get anything new out of it. It was good as refresher for things I knew I should be doing to help my anxiety.

Cai xx

TITLE: Attack Panic Attacks

AUTHOR: John Smale

GENRE: Non-Fiction, Self-Help, Mental Health, Wellbeing


PLATFORM: Library Book