From a young age, Lord Richard Allen & Julia Miller have been betrothed. It became a betrothal that neither of them wanted. Richard wanted choices and Julia found Richard mean and unkind. Fast forward several years and Richard returns to England after disappearing for nine years, throwing a spanner into the works as Julia tries to have the contract terminated.

I love Johanna Lindsey and will eagerly read anything she writes. I must admit she usually follows a particular formula. Boy meets girl, both find each other attractive but there are significant challenges they must over come before they find their happily ever after.

Of course, she used this formula in writing this book. However in That Perfect Someone, she has a few differences that make it stand out. For instance, in nearly every one of her novels that I have read, the protagonists fight like cats and dogs until the end. In this book, most of the fighting and arguing took place at the beginning. The rest of the novel focused on their plotting and working as a team to achieve the end result. They actually enjoyed each others company before the end; they just didn’t know how to communicate their true feelings. It wasn’t all about the physical attraction and sexual attraction. There was still plenty of this but I felt that it focused more on the personality and compatibility side.

It is also one of the very few Lindsey novels that do not end with the female heroine pregnant or with a new baby. While Julia does eventually want children, she is afforded the opportunity to travel and explore without having to “settle down” straight away.

Julia Miller has to be one of my favourite Lindsey characters yet. She is smart and witty but also has flaws. She is incredibly business smart as she had to step up and run the company after an accident left her father incapacitated. She jumps on every opportunity that she considers reasonable. She is relatable (to me anyway) as she has anger issues and a tendency to always get her own way. She acknowledges this and tries to work on it.

Lindsey has won me over yet again. This is my new favourite. A good plot plus great character development multiplied by a hot steamy romance equals an excellent read.

Cai xx

TITLE: That Perfect Someone

AUTHOR: Johanna Lindsey

SERIES: Malory-Anderson #10


PLATFORM: Paperback from my personal library.

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