Originally when I had entered the Facebook Giveaway, I was desperately hoping to win Dangled Carat. The universe had better plans for me. I entered for every single book I could (about 44 from memory) and ended up winning this little beauty instead! Which worked out as I nabbed Dangled Carat by Hilary Grossman for free on Amazon!

Isaac is a D list actor with an alcohol and drug problem. In the midst of his divorce and the editing of his latest film, he decides to leave Hollywood behind and set off to the mountains, hoping to runaway from all his problems. Ruth Hill is just about to retire as the photography professor at the local college. Up on Marble Mountain, Ruth and Isaac’s paths cross when Ruth’s best friend Meg has an accident and Isaac comes to the rescue.

This is a gorgeous romance. What makes this romance unique in my opinion is the fact that the romance is that it is between two people who are on the other end of middle age. Too often, romance stories are about youngish people. Rarely are they over the age of 35. So it is nice to see that romance lives on after your 30s. It is also nice to see that one can get lost in romance after heartbreak.

I however, was confused at Isaac’s motives. I very rarely understood why he did the things he did. I don’t know if I was missing things or if it was missing from the story. I also felt like it wasn’t clear enough when the time line was changing. I knew there were gaps in time, but I ended up being confused and having to go back and reread bits to figure it all out.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I am looking forward to reading more of J. C Miller!

Cai xx

TITLE: Believing in Bigfoot

AUTHOR: J.C Miller

GENRE: Romance, Adult Fiction


PLATFORM: I won this ebook in a Facebook Giveaway