Daniel Warwyck, an up and coming pugilist in regency England, bids on Kate at the market to prevent his brother from making a big mistake. After successfully winning Kate, Warwyck forms a plot, including a sham wedding ceremony, to reclaim his inheritance, only to find his efforts were done in vain. Upon losing his inheritance to his bastard newborn cousin, Daniel decides to build an upmarket resort in the hamlet of Easthampton, creating his own inheritance to pass on. This is met with a great amount of support and opposition and thrusts Claudine Clayton into the path of the Warwyck family.

This is your typical historical romance, with a complex love triangle and the protagonist having to make a choice to only realize that he had already made it and there was only the one all along. Harry, Daniel’s brother loves Kate, Kate loves Daniel and Daniel cannot make up his mind between Kate and Claudine. This book did keep me intrigued, as I wanted to know why Daniel would pursue Claudine when he had just purchased Kate. I wanted to know what would happen in this unique situation, as normally these love triangles don’t include someone being purchased for a wife. The characters were quite loveable. I even found myself feeling sorry for the antagonists.

However, the book became more and more predictable as you read through it. I don’t know if I am still hung up on some of the more fantastic books I have recently finished but this book didn’t have me jumping at the opportunity to read more until the last 20%.

In saying that, I will be keeping an eye out at the library for the next two installments of the series.

Cai xx

TITLE: Warwyck’s Wife

AUTHOR: Rosalind Laker

SERIES: The Warwycks #1

GENRE: Romance, Historical Fiction, Regency Romance


PLATFORM: NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.