Today’s session focused on finger play and puppets. Finger play and puppets encourages the use of pincer grasp, increases attention span, engages fine motor skills and memory skills, provides visual stimulation, expands imagination and develops listening skills.

Today was more focused on songs.We were taught a few finger play nursery rhymes like Incey Wincey Spider. We also used puppets to sing songs such as Galumph Went the Little Green Frog. We read Hello Spot and Spot on the Move, both puppet play books by Eric Hill. Both were in they typical Eric Hill style with bright, bold colours and a simple story.

The focus author for today was Ian Whybrow, the author of the Harry and the Dinosaurs series. We read Say Boo to the Animals, which with the use of repetition was great for the little ones.

As this weekend is Easter, we also read My Easter Egg Hunt by Rosie Smith, which Ross had read to Victoria previously. It is a beautiful book with descriptions of all the different directions to look for Easter eggs.

Hope you all have lovely Easter weekend!

Cai xx