Victoria’s god-mother gifted her the World of Beatrix Potter box set for my baby shower and today we have completed reading it! 

This beautiful box set has 23 original stories in a similar format to what they were originally published. Small, pocket sized books filled with beautiful illustrations. Each book has a page inside describing the story behind each book, giving you the history of it all.

I have been obsessed with Beatrix Potter since I can remember. I watched the old shows on ABC and read my own copies (that have disappeared). So my first option for a nursery was Beatrix Potter.

Victoria has quite the collection. She has a matching blanket and onesie, an ornamental V, a silver plated egg cup and spoon, building squares, a Jemima Puddle Duck rattle and a Jemima Puddle Duck plush toy plus 3 book sets. 

I can only hope she picks up my obsession, not only with Beatrix Potter but with reading in general. She seems to love it. Sitting in my lap smiling up at me as I talk about the pictures with her.

These moments are so magical. My books were my most treasured items, now it’s my memories of reading with my daughter.

We are advised to read to our children before they go to school. In a discussion with my grandmother, I realised I have taken it that step further. I have read to her since she was in the womb. It’s rare to have a day where one of us doesn’t read to her. 

My advice? Read to your child whenever you can. Create those memories, create that bond and foster a love of reading. 

Readers are leaders, leaders are readers. 

Ross and I will continue to read with her every day until she doesn’t want us to anymore. Even when she is 24, I hope we can sit side by side with a cup of tea, reading our own books, enjoying the silence of another readers company. 

Now onto more classics, we started The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen today! 

Cai xx