I have been nominated for a Liebster Award! It’s fantastic that someone has read my blog and decided it was worthy to put it out thee for others to see!

If you haven’t heard of the Liebster Award, it is a way of promoting new, up and coming blogs and a good way to know the people behind these blogs.

My nomination is from Outright Book Review and as a part of the rules, has asked me some questions.


If you get a chance to, which fictional character you’d want to be?

This is an unbelievably hard question. Who would I want to be? It would probably have to be Rose from Vampire Academy. She is so kick-ass and hilarious! She has strengths and weaknesses but isn’t too damaged.

What is your favourite reading place/spot?

My favourite reading place is an easier question! In Victoria’s nursery is my beautiful reading chair, it is big enough (or really, I am small enough) to lay across it. I not only nurse Victoria in the chair but we also sit together and read during the day and Daddy sits with her for her bedtime story. I sit in there during the day and read while she is sleeping, with my cup of tea and my patchwork quilt.

Which movie, adapted from a book is your favourite?

Lord of the Rings is my favourite adaption. I find it the most accurate and they did such a fantastic job of bringing Middle Earth to life. However, they didn’t do so well with The Hobbit, in my opinion. I felt that The Hobbit was all about making the money.

Which book is next on your ‘To Be Read’ list?

Because I read multiple books at once, I have a few that are next, depending on what I finish next. Here’s the list:

Library book – Jubilee by Shelley Harris.

iBook – Autumn Leaves: Chick-Lit Anthology by Carla Caruso, Samantha Bond, Laura Greaves, Georgina Penney, Katie Spain and Sandy Vale.

ARC – Remember to Breathe by Simon Pont.

The Rory Gilmore Challenge – The Diary of Anne Frank.

Personal Development – What I Didn’t Learn at School but Wish I Had by Jamie McIntyre.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling.

Once A Princess by Johanna Lindsey.

Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee.

Believe You That You Can by Jentzen Franklin.

Allegiant by Veronica Roth.

The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa De La Cruz.

The Kingmaker’s Daughter by Philippa Gregory.

Papillon by Henri Charriere.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo.

The Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead.

The Boy Who Fell From Earth by Kathy Lette.

Baby Love by Robin Barker.

How many books do you read in a month?

I would complete about four novels in a month as a bare minimum. Children’s books would be at least 10.

Who is your favourite author and why? You can take only one name.

Philippa Gregory. I absolutely love history and in particular, I have a fascination with the kings and queens of England. When I discovered The Constant Princess, I fell in love. Her historical fiction is magical and wonderful and so intriguing. Sometimes you just need a bit of fiction with your history.

Do you prefer purchasing books online or at a bookstore?

I definitely prefer shopping at the bookstore. It is all bout the experience, the sights, sounds and smells. NOTHING beats shopping in the bookstore.

Do you believe in donating books or they stay with you forever?

I would much rather donate than throw away but now that I have decided to build my own library when we purchase property, I will be keeping all my books.

Which upcoming book you have your eyes on?

The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead.

How often do you blog?

I try to blog everyday. However I did get really sick and skipped a few days. At least a few times a week in a worse case scenario.

What do you prefer? Good plot or strong characters?

I would much rather have both in a book. If it doesn’t have both, the book isn’t going to rate well with me. There are ingredients to a good book and if you skip a few here and there, you will end up wit a very flat book with no taste.


Another section to the Liebster Award is 11 random facts about yourself. The question is what do you want to know?

  1. I am an Irish Dancer, currently on a long sabbatical due to knee injury.
  2. I never finished Fifty Shades of Grey because I found the writing absolutely awful. I also hated Jane Eyre, New Moon ad the Great Gatsby.
  3. As well as my beautiful daughter Victoria, my first baby is actually my White European rabbit, Bonnie. We were told that she was a dwarf x by the pet store. They were wrong. Way too big to be a dwarf.
  4. I have an obsession with notebooks. I own so many! We are never ever lacking for something to write in.
  5. I have a dream catcher above my bed. It is pretty and purple.
  6. I am a geek and a nerd. I belong to most fandoms engaging my geeky side and then I am pretty book-smart embracing my inner nerd. I hover have NO street smarts and seriously lack common sense. I struggle doing every day things.
  7. I love to bake. I hate cooking but LOVE to bake. The catch is, it has to be perfect. If it isn’t then I have to start again. I also bake from scratch. So this frustrates my beloved partner.
  8. I have my wedding planned down to the tee. The only things left to decide is how I will wear my hair, shoes, church and reception venue.
  9. I love party planning. Every birthday since I turned 18 has had a theme. I jump on any opportunity to plan an awesome get together or party. Even if no one shows up! My parties include Jersey Shore, Musicals, High Tea and this year I will be having a Princess Party. Last year I organized a Dinosaur party for Ross’ 21st and this year he will be having a Rockstar Party. Our baby shower was Book-Themed and Victoria’s 1st birthday will be Peter Rabbit. When I plan a party, I go ALL OUT.
  10. I want a Harley Davidson Super Glide and a BMW M6.
  11. I can easily switch between acting 8 and 88. I very rarely act my age. I am either being too childish or being too mature. All in the span of an hour. Daily.


So time for my nominations. This was hard and I have thought about it all week. I tend to follow actual authors rather than other blogs, making it even more difficult.

My first nomination goes to the wonderful Renee at Hey Said Renee. Renee is the reason I am now blogging. We met at a community centre for Book Club and have kept in contact via Facebook. She is currently writing her own book and I have to say that I am really looking forward to it! If you like book reviews, check her out.

My other nominations go to A Chick Who Reads, The Books are Everywhere, Coffee Beans and Folded Pages and A Court of Books and Tea.


Now my lovely nominees, here are the rules and questions!


  • Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award.
  • Answer 11 questions that the blog gives you.
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs you think are deserving of the award that have less than 200 followers.
  • Let the blogs know you have nominated them.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.


  1. Is there a book that you seriously dislike or hate?
  2. Do you choose books by blurb, cover or title?
  3. What makes a read 5/5 for you?
  4. What is your favourite beverage while reading?
  5. What is your dream library?
  6. If you could visit any bookstore in the world, where would it be?
  7. Where do you get most of your books from?
  8. How many books are on your bookshelf?
  9. Do you read one at a time, or many at once?
  10. How often do you frequent your local library?
  11. If you could have dinner with any character, who would it be and why?

I hope you have all enjoyed finding out a little more about the person behind The Bookfeed Blog and I hope that nominees accept and show us a bit more about themselves, and that readers check out those nominated. Joining the book blogging world has been a blessing in disguise so thank you all for being a part of the journey.

Cai xx