One week into March and I am succeeding with some goals and failing with others! Here is the update!

For the March Take Control of Your TBR Pile Challenge, I have already completed 4 books! Whoop whoop! Out of the eleven I had aimed to finish, I would say that that is a pretty good start to the month. You can check out the reviews for Red Hill, Outback Promise, Money Talks Finally and Masquerade in previous posts. Hopefully I can keep it up…

Like my blogging goals! I have successfully posted everyday. A new achievement for me. This is my first goals update, hopefully I remember to keep doing them. *note to oneself, put reminder in phone* We now have 27 followers here on the blog! Whoop whoop! That is 5 up from last week. Not much to some, but every new follower is exciting to me. I welcome you all with open arms!

Social Media goals concerning likes and followers have been rising, some more than others. I am still confident on reaching our goals here. For once I have actually kept up with posting a photo a day on instagram for the #keepbookmarching challenge.

My health goals have been out the window. For the first few days, I had some serious headaches and now I have a killer cold. So not fun when you have a nesting rabbit and teething baby. I keep asking when I am going to get a nanny and a cleaner… Apparently no time soon.

I hope you are all succeeding towards your goals for the month of March! Comment below and let me know your goals. I will become one of your biggest cheerleaders!

Cai xx