Tonight is a short review on Masquerade, the second in the Blue Bloods series by Melissa De La Cruz.

Blue Bloods are not only New York’s elite but they are also vampires. The fallen that chose to follow Lucifer. Full of rituals and rules, there is a complex method to how the Blue Bloods operate. One thing that is forbidden is feeding off of another vampire. One thing that is feared is a Silver Blood. An abomination who feeds off of vampires sending them into a delusional state.

Masquerade continues on from the first novel with the preparations for the Four Hundred Ball, an exclusive vampire only event, followed by an even more exclusive Masquerade After Party. While the preparations and festivities take place, the search for the Silver Bloods is still on. Is it Mimi? Is it Bliss? Is it Schulyer? What about Kingsley the newcomer?

This book is your typical young adult supernatural themed fiction. It’s a quick and easy to read but nothing that makes you go WOW. The thing that keeps you interested enough to continue reading is the unanswered questions.

I find it incredibly hard to relate to the characters because a) they are vampires and I am human and b) they are NYC Elite, with money and designer labels coming out the whazoo and I sadly do not.

Cai xx

Title: Masquerade

Author: Melissa De La Cruz

Series: Blue Bloods #2


Genre: Young Adult, Supernatural, Paranormal

Platform: Paperback